Thursday, February 28, 2008

this is a tough one!

These are my layouts for the Webster's Challenge by Lasting Impression. I had such a hard time with these papers. I couldn't decide whether to cut it or leave it as it is since the paper is so pretty & classy. When I saw the entries for the challenge, I almost did not upload my layouts. LOL! They were all so beautiful! I was able to make 2 layouts. TFL!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Someone I love...

This is my entry for the Noteworthy Challenge by Scrapbukan. This layout is very special to me because the subject is my daughter Ally. Just last month, she had a seizure & was rushed to the hospital. She had cough & colds when it happened but had no fever so the possibility of febrile convulsions is ruled out. She had another episode while at the hospital. She had an EEG done & MRI was done just yesterday (no results yet).There hs been no seizure recurrence & she remains to be a a happy, playful, & active little girl, as if nothing happened to her. As mothers, I know that on top of our list of wishes & prayers is good health for our children.

I would also like to thank everyone who texted/called me during this time (I haven't even erased the text messages yet). The messages were really touching & I appreciate it so much.

We were caught so unaware when you suddenly had a seizure that one day in January. You were just playing, with no fever when it happened. It was very scary for me to be rushing you to the hospital, not knowing what was going to happen. So many thoughts & questions were going through my head but MOST of all, I wanted you to be all right. When you woke up right after your seizure, you instantly gave me a smile. A smile that somewhat reassured me that things are going to be just fine. It has been almost a month since this happened. There has been no seizure recurrence, BUT there are still tests to be done to find out what really caused your seizure. Right now, you seem to be enjoying your life as a little girl. Watching you play & discover the world around you, feeling your soft kisses, hearing you call me mimi, seeing you smile… these are just a few things that melt my heart. As your mother, there is nothing I can hope & pray for even more than for your complete recovery. Daddy & I will ALWAYS be by your side. We will take care of you. We will remain STRONG for you. We will continue to BELIEVE that everything will be fine. ‘Coz that’s what loving you is all about.
God is by our side & He is good all the time. We love you Ally.

My challenge entries, well almost...

These are the cards I made for My Little Attic's KI lace cardstock challenge. It was fun cutting out the lace cardstock, & I was qutie happy after I finished the 1st card (the bday card). I simply placed patterned paper under some flowers, used brads & buttons as flower centers & doodled a bit. I proceeded with the next card (pink valentine card), where I used glitter glue & some blings. One more card & I'm done, but all of a sudden, my mind was going blank... I didn't know what to do next. For my 3rd card, I decided to make another valentine card, so I painted the lace cardstock with red paint & placed it on top of white cardstock. BTW, I was able to upload & send my entries 15 minutes before the deadline.

I made this layout also for the KI pop culture challenge, but I wasn't able to make an altered art project. I'm still happy because I was able to scrap this picture of my daughter Julia. Picture was taken during her school's Christmas program.

Red is an apple
And a red, red rose
Red is a fire engine that
Runs fast as it goes
Red is a signal on a traffic light
Don’t cross the street until it’s out
But best of all red is feeling brave and
Feeling great with this
“Crazy Little Thing Called Love”
These are the lines you recited as you introduced your class in your school’s Christmas Program “Color My World.” You indeed danced, sang, and dressed up like a true diva! (December 2007)