Thursday, August 27, 2009

ScrapMuse Summer Get-Away Crop

WARNING: Layout overload!

We had an online crop at ScrapMuse last week and it was a blast! I'm so happy I was able to scrap 5 layouts that weekend, not including 2 sample layouts for my challenges.

Here are the sample layouts for my challenges:

Title: Time
Journaling: Spending time with my family is the best pastime. (Mar 2009, Acuatico Resort). This is for my "Japan Challenge' which asked for a circle (at least 4 inches in diameter) and at least 5 buttons. Used the August kit for this one.

Title : just one of those days
Journaling: This is what I love to do when Daddy comes home from work. (Aug 2009) This is for my "Thailand Challenge" which asked for animal inspired papers or embellishments.

These are my layouts for the other challenges:

Journaling: It was a busy week for me and I needed some therapy--- shopping therapy that is. Thanks for going to the mall with me my dear Julia. (Aug 2009)

Journaling: You've got style! (Julia at 3 1/2 yrs old, Mar 2006).

Journaling: Just us chillin' on the boat waiting for the dolphins to show up. (Bohol, April 2009).

Journaling: Korey running off with his moms's shoes!
That's my nephew Korey! He is sooo adorable!

Journaling: Daddy's birthday fell on our last night in HK. After walking a few blocks we decided to eat at Tsui Wah Resto. It was a great time for family bonding ang they served the best lamb curry. (22 Feb 2009)

These are notecards made from scraps!

Thanks for looking!

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