Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Scrappin' Corner

When I started scrapping in July of 2007, all I had was a tackle box which contained my tools (scissors, puncher, adhesives) & small embellishments; and a plastic box where I placed my stickers, rub-ons & bigger embellishments. My papers where in a 12x12 container which I got from Japan Home. I was also scrapping on our bedroom floor. This set-up gave me back pains & was very time-consuming because I had to put everything back into their proper places when I finish.

After the October scrapfest, I bought a small cabinet coz I couldn't fit my scrapstuff into my small boxes anymore. LOL! Here's the cabinet:

On the topmost shelf of the cabinet are my smaller embellishments. My stamps, chipboard, stickers, rub-ons are on the 2nd level & on the bottom shelf are my ribbons/lace & other supplies (spare glue & adhesives, etc). On top of the cabinet are my papers & cardstock. At this time, the cabinet was in our bedroom & I still scrapped on our bedroom floor.

January of this year, I decided to "renovate" a small corner of our house into my scrapping corner. This corner is just outside our bedroom & my kids' playroom. This is now the place where I scrap. The cabinet has now moved out of our bedroom & in to my scrap corner. My hubby also placed some shelves for me.

I now have my own scrapping corner! It's not a big space but it's a big improvement from my tackle box. I can also work & get creative any time of the day.

There's still a lot to be done, the walls are bare but this corner makes me happy.

thanks issa for this tag!


Issa Virtucio-Lucido said...

Hi dra! nice corner ha, naku malamang dadami pa gamit mo! Chix, please pass the tag to others, so we can make a chain of our scrapping areas! thanks po.

cabbie lopez said...

wow neat place!!! thanks for playing with the scrap space tag!!!